The First Time We Tried Orange Wine

I remember the first night we tried orange wine.

The year was 2015. The month April. We were on holiday in Nice, France. We were having dinner in a highly-recommended cheese restaurant called Le Bistro Du Fromager. And that was the night we fell in love with orange wine.

We talked to the waiter for a few minutes about our wine preferences and choice of food. We mentioned that we were in the mood for something different and new. He didn't hesitate and brought over a bottle of Radikon Pinot Grigio 2013. He told us a little about the wine makers, father and son Stanko and Sasa Radikon.

We opened the bottle and realised the wine was orange. This apricot colour was beautiful and intriguing. We tasted it and it took us on a wild ride. I remember its taste brought to mind ripe strawberries, roses, fresh pears. Flavours of honey and resin. A complex combination of floral tones and fresh fruit.

That's all it took. We were sold. We were in love. Radikon became a hero. We finished the bottle and bought several to take back to London with us. We started reading about the technique and the history of orange wine. It wasn't long after that we decided to open The Orange Wine Shop, so that everyone in London can have an experience like we had.